Bermuda has been a long sought after destination to Americans from when the first sea planes landed in the 1930’s up until the peak in the 1970’s. East Coast Americans were the mainstay of the tourism industry, and it is easy to see why as just a short 2 hour flight from a cold US city is all you need and then you are able to be on a sub-tropical beach a few minutes later.

Bermuda also used to be a hotspot for US colleges spring-break weeks when thousands of students would come to visit. Over time however, Bermuda didn’t want to portray itself as a spring-break destination, being quite a conservative country. This, coupled with the arrival of International Businesses in Bermuda, has meant that the tourism trade is now not as significant as before.  There are still many hotels to stay in and beautiful pink beaches to swim at, an excellent choice of golf courses to play, and the ability to drive anywhere on a scooter on the island is still appealing to many visitors. Bermuda is a very expensive place to visit for the normal person and with low budget airlines flying throughout the Caribbean and the US for much cheaper than flights to Bermuda, visitor numbers have been dwindling for several decades. Over 500,000 visitors still come to Bermuda every year with the majority of 75% American. The Bermuda Government was responsible for tourism in Bermuda until quite recently when an amendment in Parliament was made to create a company called the Bermuda Tourism Authority will be run privately and will have the responsibility of promoting Bermuda. This was done in part to shake up the Bermuda tourism product and privatise this key area to the Bermuda economy.

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